From the Principal

Dear Students & Parents,

The Faculty and Staff welcome you to East Lincoln Elementary School. Please take the time to read through this handbook together.  It contains valuable information that will help your child as we work together to make this a successful school year.

The mission of East Lincoln Elementary School: We are dedicated to providing a quality education in safe, welcoming environment that fosters creative and critical thinking in order to produce independent and productive citizens.

Eagle Pledge: We the Students, Faculty and Staff of East Lincoln Elementary School promise to do our best, show we care, be respectful and make no excuses.  

ELE Handbook

21st Century - Afterschool Programming

East Lincoln offers several different after school programs provided through the 21st Century Grant. Students participating will be provided a healthy snack and those Students will be released at 4:15 pm.


Attendance: Student’s attendance and promptness  in school is directly related to their success and achievement.  Every day each student learns new skills and ideas that are necessary for future learning. The importance of prompt and regular attendance cannot be over-emphasized.  Law requires your child’s regular attendance.  The courts hold parents accountable for their child’s attendance in school. The schools are required to maintain records of all student absences, including any reasons for the absences or tardiness. The Principal has the authority to excuse Students when absent under the following conditions as designated in the policies of the Tullahoma City School Board of Education:

  • Child’s personal illness
  • Illness in the family requiring temporary help from the child
  • Death in the family
  • Special religious holidays regularly observed by persons of their faith
  • Doctor’s appointment (We encourage Parents to make these appointments on Wednesday afternoons after 1:00 pm)
  • Other reasons as determined by the Principal

Any absence is unexcused if the school is not notified of the reason for the absence or if the reason does not fit into one of the above categories. Since 1994, the Principal has been required to notify the Director of Schools when any Student is absent without an excuse for a total of five (5) school days.  A parent whose child has 5 or more days of unexcused absences will receive a letter informing them of the absences. After 5 days of excused or unexcused absences, a doctor’s excuse may be required

Cancellation of School

Cancellation of school takes place during extraordinary circumstances such as extreme weather, equipment failure, or public crisis. Every practical means is used to notify parents of an impending cancellation, including School Messenger calling system, radio, TV and newspapers.  Parents should watch local Channel 6, Nashville TV, or listen to AM 1610. Announcements of school closings will be made as early as possible. Please listen to announcements about Tullahoma City Schools.

Dress Code

Students have a better self-concept if they come to school dressed in appropriate and comfortable clothing.  The dress code at East Lincoln has been devised to promote a positive learning attitude for each student and the school as a whole.

Any dress or hairstyle that is considered contrary to good hygiene, distracting, or disruptive in appearance, or detrimental to the educational environment or the public image of the school will not be permitted.  The principal and teachers have the right to determine if attire or appearance is inappropriate for school. Parents will be called if necessary to bring a change of clothes or shoes, so that the student can fully participate in the academic day.  Students that habitually ignore the dress code will be subject to disciplinary action.

Health & Medications

The education and well being of students is of primary concern in our school.  In some unique circumstances, students require medications during school hours to maintain and support their continued presence in school.  All prescription and nonprescription medications that are required to be given at school are kept in the school clinic in a secure area.  

The school may assist students who require medication during the school hours only with written permission from the parent/guardian.  A Medication Permission Form provided by the school must be completed and returned to the school before these medications may be given by school personnel. If over-the-counter medication is to be given, parents must sign the permission form.  If prescription medication is to be given, both the physician and parent must sign the permission form. Parents are encouraged to have extra copies of the permission forms available for trips to the health care provider. Additional copies of the Medication Permission Form are available at the school office.  

Medications must be brought to the office by the parent/guardian in the original container.  For students who are on long-term medications, parents may wish to ask their pharmacist to dispense the medication in two bottles; one for home and one for school.

Instructional Supplies


Each child is expected to have the necessary supplies according to the grade level supply list.  If you are unable to provide a needed item for your child during the year, please tell our office staff.  We will assist parents in providing student supplies when possible.

A fee established by the Board of Education for instructional supplies is collected from each child at the beginning of the school year.  This money is used to buy consumable materials to be used in the process of your child’s education. These supplies include handwriting paper, consumable workbooks, art supplies, agendas, graph paper, and other items.  

According to the Tennessee Code Annotated, no fee may be required of a child.

Kool Kids

East Lincoln has an extended school program (Kool Kids) for Students  who must be at school past 3:15 pm. Contact Kool Kids Director Jamie Shasteen at 454-2593 for more information.

Lost and Found

Each year we have a number of articles lost or left at school.  Please mark all clothing (coats, caps, scarves, gloves, backpacks, etc.) with your child’s name. Each year, we have several articles of nice clothing  lost or left at school. Items are kept for a period of time at school and periodically displayed for Students and parents to see. Unclaimed items will eventually be donated to charity.  The Lost & Found is located in the front office/Clothes’ Closet.

Lunch & Breakfast Programs

East Lincoln provides breakfast each day at 7:15 am and will be served until 7:45 am. Parents and Guardians are welcome to eat lunch with Students.  Please do not bring commercial restaurant food or Coke/Soft drinks for yourself or a Student. Visitors wishing to dine with their  Students must check in the front office, get a visitor’s badge and meet your child at the cafeteria door.  We ask that dining visitors check out in the front office when their Student’s lunch is over.

Breakfast and Lunch are free for our Students as part of the CEP  Program (Community Eligibility Provision).  Students may wish to purchase additional food at breakfast or lunch. We use a computerized cash register and record keeping system. With this system, each Student is given a personal four-digit number, which he/she will use as long as he/she is a Student at East Lincoln.  The Student’s four-digit number is confidential. Money may be deposited into a child’s account before each school day. Lunch prices for visitors are as follows: Adults- $3.00 Visiting Children- $2.75 Special Occasion Meals- $4.50.

Moment of Silence

State Law requires that we begin every day with a moment of silence.  During this time all talking and movement will stop throughout the building.


Occasionally students need to bring money to school to cover expenses such as additional food in the cafeteria, school fees, or field trips.  When this is necessary, please place the money in an envelope and designate its purpose on the outside of the envelope. We request your cooperation in not allowing students to bring unnecessary or large sums of money to school.  This can create an interference with the educational process. We will not be responsible for lost money.

No Smoking Campus

East Lincoln Elementary is a Non-Smoking Campus for everyone.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parents and teachers are encouraged to hold conferences as needed. Quarterly, four formal conference days are scheduled, but others may be held throughout the year upon parent or teacher request.

Conference dates for the year will be published in our school calendar.


Parties are limited to a party at Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and a treat at Halloween.  Birthday treats must be store bought and served in the cafeteria during the child’s regular lunch time.

Pediculosis (Head Lice)

The policy of Tullahoma City Schools is to exclude students with lice/nits since pediculosis is a communicable disorder.  When a student is found to have lice/nits at school, the parent is notified that the student must be removed from school until he/she has been appropriately treated and no live lice or nits remain in the hair.  A written notification is issued to the parent or guardian.

It is expected that the treatment process should be completed within three days and will be counted as excused absences.  Longer absences for treatment of pediculosis will be unexcused. The parent is also responsible for accompanying the student to school after the appropriate treatment has been completed.  The parent should remain at the school until the child has been checked for nits and given clearance to return to class.

This “no nit” policy is for the protection of your child, as well as the protection of other students.

Perfect Attendance

Students with no tardies, no early checkouts, and no absences will be recognized and  awarded “Perfect Attendance."

Personal Items

Students may bring personal items such as toys, trading cards, or electronic devices to school ONLY with the teacher’s prior permission.  Any item that interferes with the educational process will be taken from the student.  If a toy is taken up, the parents may pick up the item from the main office. The school is not responsible for the loss of items brought to school by students.


East Lincoln Students participate in the pledge to the flag during morning announcements

Progress Reports

East Lincoln students receive weekly progress reports from their teachers.  Please look for these reports, as they will keep you informed on how your child is performing in school.  This form provides a vital communication between home and school. Please do your part by reading the report, signing it, and returning it to school.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued following the completion of each nine-week grading period.  We utilize a “Standards Based” report card. The report card must be signed and returned at the end of each nine weeks until the end of the year.  The report card may be kept at home at the end of the school year. Please carefully review your child’s progress and contact the school if you have any questions regarding grades.

School Messenger Call System

Tullahoma City Schools use an automated phone message system to notify parents of important events. Pre-recorded messages will be sent to East Lincoln families as a means of communications throughout the school year as needed.  Please make sure the office has a current phone number.

School Pictures

Individual student and class pictures will be taken each year. You will be offered a package of pictures for purchase from the photographer.  Check the school calendar or the website for the “picture day” date at East Lincoln.

School Website


Student Arrival

Student Arrival: Supervision is not provided for Students on School Grounds before 7:15 am.  

  • Students arriving between 7:15 am and 7:30 am will be expected to eat breakfast and should report to the Cafeteria (entrance on College Street).
  • Students who are not eating breakfast will enter at the front loop by the school sign off of East Lincoln Street after 7:30 am.  We will have assistance to help guide them in the building.
  • Pre K Students will enter the building through the door on the circle drive from Lauderdale Street.  Students will need to be signed in with their Teachers each morning between 7:45 am and 8:00 am.
  • All Students arriving late will need to be signed in at the front office.
  • Students that persistently tardy will result in the loss of Student privileges or action will be taken by the Principal.

All Students should arrive by 7:45 am to prepare for class to begin at 8:00am. Students arriving at 8:00 am will be considered tardy.

Student Discipline & Behavior Policy

East Lincoln’s Faculty & Staff believes that all Students can behave appropriately while at school.  All Teachers have the right to teach and all Students have the right to learn and feel safe at school.  Major offenses will result in immediate, appropriate consequences including in-school or out-of-school suspension.  Parents will be notified through written notice or by phone.  Parents may be required to attend a conference before the student returns to class.

Student Dismissal

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday dismissal is at 3:00 pm.  Wednesday’s dismissal is at 1:00 pm.

  • Pre K Students are dismissed daily at 1:30 pm through the door on the circle drive from Lauderdale Street. Students must be signed out with their Teachers.
  • Walkers & bikers will cross the street as needed with the assistance of a crossing guard.
  • Kindergarten Students must be picked up by an authorized adult at the circle drive from Lauderdale Street.
  • 1st grade car-riders will be dismissed from the loop near the school sign.
  • 2nd & 3rd graders will be dismissed in the loop near the cafeteria entrance on College Street.
  • 4th graders will be dismissed in the loop in the back of the school on College Street.
  • 5th graders will be dismissed from the loop by the gym.
  • CDC Students will be dismissed from the loop in the back of the school on College Street.
  • Students with younger sibling/s will be picked up at the the younger sibling’s pick up area.
  • Students may not be picked up at the front of the building from 2:45-3:00pm and 12:45-1:15pm  on Wednesdays.
  • Students who are not picked up by 3:15/1:15 pm must be signed out by a parent or guardian in the front lobby of the school.
  • Persistent late pick up of your Student/s will result in loss of Student privileges or action will be taken by the Principal.
  • Students that have not been picked up by 3:30 pm will be taken to KooL Kids. Parents will be requested to pay the daily fee.  

Student Information Cards

Student information cards are kept on file in the office.  These cards contain information concerning emergency phone numbers and names of persons who are allowed to pick up a child.  A student is allowed to leave school only with someone whose name is on the card.   Parents need to keep the cards current with phone numbers and other pertinent information.  We must have a way to contact parents in case of an emergency.

Student Media Access Opt-Out/Student Privacy Information


All student records are stored in the office.  Access to any student’s record is limited to persons directly responsible for the child’s educational needs.

The United States Department of Education provides protection of student records under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  

Click Here to view these rights and access the opt-out form.  

Click Here to view student privacy information including COPPA laws, HIPPA laws and TCS Board Policy - Media Access to Students.  

Transportation Information

Your child should know before he/she comes to school how he/she will get home .  That information should be shared with the child before he/she arrives at school and given to the Teacher in form of a note.  Calls to the school to change a child’s dismissal procedure should be limited to emergencies.