4th Grade

Get ready for the Fantastic 4.  We work hard, but have a lot of fun too.  We read to learn, we write to explain, we problem solve through exploration and we work, play, and laugh together.

4th Grade Students in Classroom


Natalie McShea

I'm Mrs. McShea and I teach Math and Social Studies in fourth grade.  I will be going into my second year at East Lincoln and I am really enjoying it! Go Eagles!

Contact Me: natalie.mcshea@tcsedu.net

Sadie Watson

I'm Mrs. Watson, and I have been at East Lincoln for 27 years.  I have been  the Kool Kids Director, taught kindergarten, 5th grade, technology, and now 4th grade where I teach language arts and science.   I absolutely love East Lincoln!

Contact Me: sadie.watson@tcsedu.net

Shonna Willette

I'm Mrs. Willette and I teach math and science in fourth grade.  I have been at East Lincoln for 7 years and I love my school.  

Contact Me: shonna.willette@tcsedu.net

Rebecca Wrinn

I'm Ms. Wrinn, and I have been teaching at East Lincoln for 21 years. I  taught 2nd and 3rd grade before moving to 4th. I now teach language arts and social studies, which are my passion!  I’m proud to be an Eagle and to call East Lincoln my “home”!

Contact Me: rebecca.wrinn@tcsedu.net