Zippy the elf is helping ELE Kindergarten students learn the phases of matter


Our Eagle Nation 2nd graders at the Painted House in Tullahoma making Christmas paintings.
A strong educational program addresses the holistic needs of a child and  seamlessly integrates 21st Century workplace skills in teaching and learning to graduate students who are well-rounded, productive citizens. Our goals at East Lincoln Elementary consider all areas of development, including social, emotional, intellectual, and physical. Achievement of these goals happens through the instruction of rigorous, high-quality curricula, flexible learning environments that encourage personalized learning based on academic needs and differentiated instruction to close learning gaps.
Tullahoma City Schools’ elementary curriculum is a plan for teaching children workplace skills needed to compete in the global economy. Our district believes that all children can learn, and that each child is special but unique. Thus, the curriculum is continually revised to provide each child a challenge to learn the continuum of skills and concepts. The skills and concepts covered are much more than basic; they constitute a very thorough and carefully sequenced program of instruction. Each classroom teacher has detailed lists of the state standards he/she teaches at each grade level and will be happy to provide parents with a copy if you express an interest. 
Guidance, art, music, physical education, and library skills are important to the holistic development of our students, and each school at all levels operate full programs in these areas. The major academic areas include reading, mathematics, English, science, and social studies.